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The Insuma Search Engine for a Defined Volume of Data

The InsumaFocus search engine searches a defined volume of data. It is capable of searching through Intranet servers, Internet domains, databases or your own Internet portals simultaneously. The search process is done by a uniform search interface that can be adapted specifically to your needs. InsumaFocus identifies documents in server times in which there is a minimal load.

The major features of InsumaFocus are:

  • immediate activation of the search
  • Besides full text search, VIP search, phrase search, boolean search (simple and advanced search form)
  • Integration of user areas, targeted search among portal areas
  • Recognition of meta tags. They serve for classification of the pages
  • Deduplication: Recognition of similar pages
  • Integration of password protected areas
  • Integration of arbitrary data bases over XML exports or ODBC
  • Indexing of dynamic content (CMS)
  • Smart search modules: morphology, typo correction, phonetic search for proper names
  • Document classifcation
  • Seamless integration in customer portals using full webservice functionalities (XML/HTTP or SOAP incl. WSDL)
  • Indexing of all known office formats as well as HTML
  • Full customisations through our Insuma control center
  • und much more ...

Customizing with Modules:

InsumaFocus can be adapted to meet your specific needs by adding additional modules. If you are, for example, in possession of a data base that permits proprietary query languages, then in your case we would get started by adding special INSUMAFocus modules.

Potential Applications:

  • Regional search engine: You operate a regional web portal. INSUMA Focus makes every regional source searchable. The advantage: Remote users can search not only within, but also find content outside your portal.
  • You operate an Internet marketplace and would like to make the underlying content searchable for your clients. The advantage: Clients find their products more easily.
  • You utilize a proprietary database and want to make its full text searchable for all Intra-network users. The advantage: Simplified database access for you, your co-workers and your clients.
  • Company Network: You want to comprehensively search the volume of data that is situated in your Intranet. The advantage: You can search several data formats and databases at once.
  • Internet portal: You operate an Internet portal and maintain its content. The advantage: With INSUMA Focus you can facilitate searches on the basis of a simple-search start-page.

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